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Local Authority Energy Finance scheme

Case study

Read a case study showing how Sutton Community Academy  benefited from an LAEF loan.

About the scheme

The Local Authority Energy Finance (LAEF) scheme exists to invest money in energy efficiency measures to drive down energy costs in the Council's buildings.

We have so far invested over £1.5m, saving over £400,000 in energy bills each year, which equates to nearly 2,500 tonnes of carbon. Using the LAEF scheme, energy-saving improvements have been carried out in over 75 schools across Nottinghamshire and this number is increasing all the time.

The LAEF scheme can provide building users with the technical expertise, support and capital funding necessary to reduce energy use, to save money and reduce carbon emissions. We remain available to assist throughout the process, ensuring projects progress smoothly.

We can arrange to visit your site to carry out an energy survey to identify appropriate energy saving measures. If we find measures that demonstrate a good payback, we may be able to loan the capital to cover the project cost, which can then be repaid out of the energy cost savings.

The majority of energy saving measures we fund have a payback period of 2 to 4 years. These are an excellent investment as reducing energy consumption is the only way to future proof against increasing fuel prices.

The LAEF scheme operates as a recycling fund, where the interest-free loan repayments are then made available for reinvestment in future projects.

Projects that are eligible for funding through the LAEF scheme include:

  • Building management system upgrades

  • Energy saving IT equipment

  • Voltage management

  • Lighting upgrades

  • Insulation

  • Boiler load optimisation.

These are the most common types of measure to be financed through the LAEF scheme as they yield a high carbon saving and have relatively low capital cost. However, many other measures may be eligible and will be highlighted in the energy survey we undertake.

You can do a simple survey yourselves to see if there are likely fast payback energy saving opportunities on your site by using our Invest to Save Project Identification Questionnaire [PDF].


The Energy and Carbon Management team provides professional services to those who request an energy survey. A small project management fee is added to the interest-free loan, depending on the total project value, to cover project management costs incurred. A full explanation of the project management fee will be given by the Energy Management Officer that visits your site.

Please contact your Energy Management Officer on tel: 0115 9774851 or email: energy.en@nottscc.gov.uk to arrange a visit.

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