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Only a selection of records is currently available on the online catalogue. Nottinghamshire Archives staff are constantly adding new record entries to the catalogue and converting existing paper lists into online data. Check this page regularly to find out what is new.

Please note: no images of records appear in the online catalogue. 

Many catalogues are still only available in our public search room. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, contact us to find out whether we hold any relevant material.

What's new

District Council Records 

  • Building plans submitted for planning permission to Bingham Rural District Council, c 1902 - 1974 (DC/BI/4/1)
  • Building plans submitted for planning permission to Huthwaite Urban District Council (formerly Hucknall Huthwaite UDC), 1883 - 1935 (DC/HH/3/1)

Deposited and purchased documents

  • Notts County Football Club programmes and fixture lists, 1978 - 1994 (DD/2702)
  • A product catalogue for Worthington-Simpson Ltd of Newark, water pump manufacturers, 20th century (DD/2705)

  • Nottingham and Retford theatre programmes, 1952 - 1976 (DD/2706/1-10)
  • John Heath Tilford of Newstead, funeral director: ledgers, 1893 - 1975 (DD/2710)
  • Additional papers of the United Charities of Abel Collins, 1894 - 2002 (restricted access) (DD/AC)
  • The Henry Rowlinson Collection, relating to Willoughby on the Wolds, 19th - 21st centuries (DD/HR)
  • Newsletters, minutes and annual reports of the Thoroton Society, 2010 - 2012 (DD/TS/56-58)
  • Diaries of Reverend Newton Heelas, curate of All Saints church, Nottingham, 1891 - 1894 (DP/102/1-3)
  • Stock book of Beggarlee and Strelley collieries, 1830 (DP/103/1)
  • Correspondence between Dame Laura Knight and Major Peter Casson, 1961 - 1969 (DP/105)
  • The archive of Thomas Cecil Howitt, architect of Nottingham, including ledgers, technical documents and photographs, 1914 - 2003 (DP/TH)

Nottingham City Council records

  • Electoral registers, 1991/2 - 2000/1 (CA/TC/3/145-9)  

Probate records

  • Wills, inventories, bonds and associated papers of over 32,000 people proved at the Exchequer Court of York: Nottingham Archdeaconry Court, 1589 - 1858 (PR/NW)   

School records

  • Admission registers and log books for schools throughout Nottinghamshire, 19th - 21st centuries (restricted access) (S/A and S/L)
  • Henry Mellish School, Nottingham, Old Boys' Association records, 1947 - 1951 (DD/2707)

Collections online

Court records

The catalogues of the following court records are available:

  • The catalogues of county ale house licences, 1809 - 1827 (reference: C/QD/LV)
  • Some records of the Nottingham Division of the County Court, 1892 - 1987 (C/CY1)
  • A selection of records of Newark Petty Sessions, 1901 - 1996 (C/PS/NB, C/PS/ND, C/PS/NE, C/PS/NS)
  • A selection of records of Southwell Petty Sessions, 1925 - 1981 (C/PS/NS, C/PS/SD)
  • Retford Magistrates court registers, 1977 - 1990 (restricted access) (reference: C/PS/RD/1/61-8/9)
  • Worksop Magistrates court registers, 1977 - 1990 (restricted access) (reference: C/PS/WD/2/104-11/10).

Deposited and purchased documents

The catalogues of the following deposited documents are available:

  • A selection of smaller deposited collections from the 'DD' Numerical series (reference: DD followed by a number)
  • Royal Midland Institution for the Blind, 1849 - 1999 (DD/2468)
  • Papers of the Ramsden family of Carlton in Lindrick, 1591 - 1903 (DD/2500)
  • Papers of the Nottingham Master Butchers' Association, 2006 - 2011 (DD/2360/1/13)
  • Sales particulars and deeds for property in Selston, 1857 - 1980 (DD/2677) and for Newlands Farm in Misson, 1985 (DD/2628)
  • Records of William Woodsend Ltd of Lenton Boulevard, Nottingham, builders and contractors, 1881 - 1959 (references: DD/2675 and DP/99)
  • Records of J H Roper and Company of Castle Gate, Nottingham, plumbers and gas fitters, 1897 - 1942 (references: DD/2675 and DP/99)
  • Nottingham Aids Information Project, 1987 - 1992 (restricted access) (reference: DD/2676)
  • Financial ledger of R Cripps and Co Ltd of Nottingham, bicycle manufacturer, 1909 - 1933 (DD/2679)
  • Employee papers for John Player and Sons Ltd, 1970s - 1981 (DD/2680)
  • Accounts of Charles A Brunning, seedsman of Newark, 1899 - 1909; and John Harvey, 1878 - 1903 (DD/2685)
  • Prisons and Houses of Correction in the Midlands printed booklet, 1769 (DD/2690)
  • Records of the Friends of Nottingham Museums, 1976 - 2000 (restricted access) (DD/2692)
  • Ledger for the Boulevard Cinema in Hyson Green, 1949 - 1961 (DD/2694)
  • Records of the John Henry Blake's Charity, Mansfield, 1909, 2009 (DD/2695)
  • Nottinghamshire architectural drawings, 17th - 21st centuries (reference: DP/97)
  • Lace sample books of Thomas Adams Ltd of Nottingham, late 19th - early 20th centuries (DP/100/1-2)
  • Acton, Simpson and Hanson of Nottingham, solicitors: a series of title deeds relating to property on Low Pavement and Bridlesmith Gate, Nottingham 1853 - 1961 (DD/AN2)
  • The Dan Shaw Archive for non-professional theatre, 1945 - 2002 (DD/DS)
  • Records of the East Midlands Education Union, 1947 - 1993 (DD/EMEU)
  • Records of Harlow and Shelton of Nottingham, estate agents, 1929 - 1994 (DD/HA)
  • Papers of the Hole Family of Caunton Manor (DD/HC), 1556 - 1970, including Samuel Reynolds Hole's 'A Book of Roses' (1869)
  • Nottinghamshire Living History Archive, 1998 - 2002 (DD/NLHA)
  • Small collections from Newark Museum, 1602 - 1990 (DD/NM)
  • Nottingham Playhouse, 1948 - 2004 (DD/NP)
  • The Webb Family of Newstead, 1794 - 2002 (DD/NW)
  • Records of the Ossington Coffee Palace, Newark (DD/OCP), a temperance establishment, 1881 - 1981
  • Pearsons of Nottingham, 1848 - 1994, Nottingham's one-time largest department store (DD/PN)
  • Nottingham School of Art, 1843 - 1995 (DD/SA)
  • Archive of J Shipstone and Sons Ltd of Nottingham, brewers, 1853 - 1991 (DD/SH)
  • Thomas Forman and Sons of Nottingham, printers, 1875 - 1986 (DD/TF)
  • Tallents of Newark, solicitors: correspondence, late 17th cent - 1970 (DD/TL)
  • A selection of trade union records, 1909 - 1996 (DD/TU)
  • Vernon Road Bleaching and Dyeing Company: correspondence, plans and order records, 1864 - 2000 (DD/VR)
  • Records of the Whitaker Family of Babworth and Hesley (in Yorkshire), 1765 - 1976 (DD/WT).

You can find out more about records we hold for different clubs and societies on our Clubs and Societies Index.

Diocesan records

The following records of the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham are available:

  • Faculties, 1975 - 1984 (DR/1/2/3)

District Council records

The records of the following local councils are all now available:

  • District Councils
  • Local Boards
  • Municipal Boroughs
  • Rural District Councils
  • Urban District Councils.

Non-Conformist records

Some records of the following denominations are available:

  • Baptist churches (NC/BP)
  • Church of Christ (NC/IR)
  • Congregational churches (NC/IR)
  • Hucknall and District Council of Churches (NC/IR)
  • Methodist churches (NC/MR)
  • Presbyterian church (NC/IR)
  • United Reformed church (NC/IR).

You can find our which non-conformist registers we hold on our Non-Conformist Registers Finding Aid.

Nottingham City Council records 

The following catalogues are available:
  • Nottingham Scattered Homes children's creed and history register, 1941 - 1949 (restricted access) (CA/SS/3/5)

Nottinghamshire County Council records

The following catalogues are available:

  • Adoption application registers, 1930 - 1986 (restricted access) (CC/SS/16/1-3) 
  • Governors' minutes of the Mansfield Area Education Office, 1947 - 2000 (restricted access) (CC/EDD/14). 

Parish Council records

The records of many parish councils in Nottinghamshire are available. They largely date from 1894, with some earlier documents. In addition to minutes, accounts, committee records and general correspondence, these include:

  • Cemetery records for Lambley (PAC/32) and Woodborough (PAC/92)
  • Property records for The Wharf in East Bridgford (PAC/39) and the Cross Keys Inn in Gringley on the Hill (PAC/112)
  • The Vale of Belvoir Coal Field Inquiry records (Kinoulton, PAC/49)
  • Millennium project records in Epperstone (PAC/86)
  • Charity records for Coddington (PAC/96) and Besthorpe (PAC/111)
  • Property book and terrier for Everton, 1905 - 1992 (PAC/107/9)
  • Correspondence regarding the airfield in Langar cum Barnstone (PAC/119).

Parish records

The catalogues of a few parish records are available (PR). Additional records are also available at Nottinghamshire Archives.

You can find out which parish registers we hold on our Parish Register Finding Aid.

Probate records

The following catalogues are available:

  • Wills, inventories, bonds and associated papers proved at the Southwell Peculiar Court, 1506 - 1857 (PR/SW)
  • The Southwell Peculiar Court probate registers, 1530 - 1839 (reference: PR/SR)
  • Wills proved at the Mansfield Peculiar court, 1640 - 1857 (reference: PR/MW)
  • Wills proved at the Manorial Court of Dale Abbey, 1753 - 1896 (reference: PR/D)
  • Wills proved at the Manorial Court of Gringley on the Hill 1761 - 1855 (reference: PR/GW) and 98 wills included on the manorial court rolls of Gringley, 1659 - 1775 (reference: DD/P/14)
  • Wills proved at the Manorial Court of St John of Jerusalem, (Shelford St John's), 1646 - 1791 (reference: PR/JW)
  • Copies of wills proved at the Ossington Manorial Court; the originals date between 1607 and 1792 (reference: PR/OS).

School records

Catalogues of school records (S) include:

  • Charters and title deeds of Nottingham High School (S/BX388/7-8) 
  • King's Mill Hospital Education Base school admission registers, 1999 - 2010 (restricted access) (S/A163/14/16-19) 
  • Bassetlaw Hospital Education Base school admission registers, 1996 - 2010 (restricted access) (S/A196/19/10-14) 

Semi-official records

The following catalogues are available:

  • Records of HM Borstal Institution Lowdham Grange, 1939 - 1991 (restricted access) (SO/PL)
  • A selection of Nottingham Poor Law Union records, 1866 - 1963 (SO/PUO)
  • Records of HM Detention Centre Whatton, 1966 - 1980 (restricted access) (SO/PW).

Prints and illustrations

The catalogue of prints and illustrations is now available (X/PR). 

Can't Find The Information You Want?

Images of records

Nottinghamshire Archives houses over four million records, many of which comprise lots of individual pages and loose sheets. Other records are large in shape or very fragile. Because of this it is not currently possible to provide instant online access to all our holdings in digital form.

The Archives is developing projects to digitise some of our holdings, but this will be a lengthy process to make sure we can get it right. It is also very expensive and partially dependent upon grant funding. As a result many records will not be available digitally for some time.

Digitisation is only a part of the considerable work that is undertaken by Archives staff which also includes acquiring and processing new archives, cataloguing, conserving, assisting and helping the public in our search room, answering enquiries by letter, email and telephone, and developing and hosting learning and outreach activities and events.

Our online catalogue, finding aids and summary guide are designed to provide visitors both to our search room and to our web site the chance to find out a little more about the types of records we hold. It is always possible to order copies of documents in which you are interested or make use of our Research Service.

Entries not included in the online catalogue

Adding new entries to the online catalogue is a lengthy process and again dependent upon grant funding. With over four million records to include, the length of time it will take to add everything will be considerable. Consequently new records are being added according to a phased plan.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please enquire with us for further help and information. Please visit our enquiry page

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