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Frustrated by slow internet speeds at home?

Frustrated by slow internet connection at home?

If so, you’re among 116,000 residents and businesses across Nottinghamshire who either suffer very slow internet speeds or get no broadband service at all.

It's frustrating for home computer users, detrimental for children and potentially disastrous for businesses.

Superfast broadband campaign

That’s why the Council has launched the Superfast Broadband for Notts campaign. The aim is to collect pledges from as many affected residents and businesses as we can. These pledges will contain postcodes and information about existing speeds.

They will also indicate whether people are willing to pay more for faster broadband. The pledges will be collated and used to persuade the telecoms companies to prioritise work in Nottinghamshire.

Back the campaign

You can back the campaign by pledging on our website: www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk/broadband

You can do this at work, it doesn’t have to be done from your home computer.

“More than 1,000 people have pledged in the first three weeks of the campaign, but we’re aiming for at least 5,000 pledges by late autumn,” says Nicola McCoy Brown, the project’s lead officer. 

“It would be really helpful if anyone who has slow broadband at home could help us by pledging and by spreading the word to any friends and relatives who are similarly affected.”

Read more about the benefits for superfast broadband.

How do you know if your home internet connection is slow?

One indicator is you’ll find it difficult to watch BBC i-player, to browse and shop online and to use Skype or Flickr. You might find your connection goes down frequently.

There’s an easy way to check your speed at website: www.broadbandchecker.co.uk. If it’s less than 2mbps – it’s slow!

30 July 2012

National Local Government Pay Award

The trade unions and employers have recently reached agreement on the national local Government Pay Award.

The agreement includes a one off lump sum payment and a 2.2% pay increase for all eligible employees.


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