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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have problems logging in, the following FAQs may be of assistance.

Can I use any computer to access the On-line via the internet service?

You should use a PC running Windows and Internet Explorer. IT Services do not recommend you use other web browsers or other systems such as the Apple Mac or LINUX. However, some applications may be found to work on these systems.

What is the minimum specification for a computer using the On-line via the internet service?

You will need a PC with the Windows 2000 or Windows XP operating system, running Internet Explorer version 6.0 as your web browser. In addition you will need a fast internet connection such as broadband with a speed of at least 512kbps.

Can I use the On-line via the internet service using a dial-up internet connection?

The On-line via the internet service is designed to provide the best performance over a broadband Internet connection. It has been found that a slower connection will cause applications to become unpredictable and in some cases fail. For this reason IT Services recommend a broadband connection speed of at least 512kbs.

Can I access all my work applications using On-line via the internet?

You can only access applications that are available using a web browser. This includes iNotes (however not Notes Client since this is not a web-based application), some Personal Portal applications and intranet pages. A list of services compatible with On-line via the internet is available on the intranet.

Can I use the On-line via the internet service at an internet café or hotel in a foreign country?

Yes, the service should be available. We cannot guarantee the service will be available from all internet access points, especially in foreign countries or hotels where internet usage may be restricted. If you can log in to the service using your token then most of the currently-available applications should be available for you to use.

What should I do if I forget my secure token PIN when trying to use the On-line via the internet service?

Contact the IT Service Desk on to arrange for your PIN number to be reset.

What should I do if I lose my secure token for accessing the On-line via the internet service?

If you lose your secure token you should inform the IT Service Desk who will arrange for a replacement. There will be a charge for issuing the replacement token. Please note if your secure token is lost your On-line via the internet account will be suspended until your new secure token arrives.

I’m having problems accessing the On-line via the internet service, can the IT Service Desk help?

Most problems with your token, inability to sign on, or other authentication problems should be resolved by the Service Desk, however not all problems reported will be resolved.

There is no support available for any computer hardware, software, network or internet service used to access On-line via the internet. IT Services cannot offer advice or make changes to equipment that is not owned and supplied by the Authority. Any problems with the computer you are using that do not relate to Token authentication should be referred to the supplier. IT Services is not responsible for the technical support of anything beyond the NCC internet connection.

Is the On-line via the internet service always available?

The service will be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year except for scheduled maintenance and incidents beyond the control of NCC IT Services.

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