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Nottinghamshire County Council - Proud of our past, ambitious for our future

About this Website

We have been updating the website and the systems that help us run it. As a result some of the pages are no longer being actively updated. They have been left as they may contain information that is of use to the public, but we display a banner at the top of these pages to show they may not be up to date due to the passage of time.

Some of our online content is not time sensitive, so it has been left available for information purposes. This has formed an archive of web pages, news stories and so on. As these pages do not need to be regularly updated, the decision was taken to leave them 'as is' rather then use resources on moving them into our website management systems (sometimes called the content management system or CMS).

In both cases the pages will retain the look and feel of the website at the time they where published. Every effort has been made to make sure links and navigation take users to content that is being maintained, but on occasions this may not be possible. Pages that are clearly out of date have either been deleted (if no longer required), or updated and transferred into the CMS for ongoing management. We believe that in this way the site will be as accurate as we can make it, but, as with all websites, content will go out of date.

If you have any feedback regarding this, or the website as a whole, please use our feedback form


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