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Consultation is important: as a council, we need to know that the decisions we make take into account the views of the people of Nottinghamshire. Involving the public in the work of local government has become an integral part of the policy-making process. It's not simply about more open-government, although that too is important, it's about making policies more effective by listening to and taking on-board the views of the public and interested groups.

Our consultations

Search for and view our forthcoming, current and completed consultations, with links to relevant information.

To view consultations which closed on or before 31 March 2012, view the consultation archive.

TitleOverview/aims/objectivesStart dateEnd dateStatus
Consultation on the local funding formula for schools and early years providers 2017-18In determining the local funding formula a local authority must engage in open and transparent consultation with all maintained schools, academies in the area as well as its schools forum including method, principles and rules adopted. Where any proposed changes affect early years providers they too must be consulted.19 September 201607 October 2016Proposed
The Nottinghamshire County Council (Newark on Trent, Appleton Gate, Barnby Gate, Castle Gate, Lombard Street, Great North Road and Mather Road) (Prohibition of Loading and Waiting) TRO (3251) 2016The proposals aim to reduce parking and ban loading to allow traffic to flow unobstructed.18 August 201623 September 2016Current
Nottinghamshire County Council Health & Well Being Board – Stakeholder NetworkThe Stakeholder Network is an opportunity for wider partners to influence The Health and Wellbeing Board and its agenda. It meets regularly during the year to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to tell the Board what matters to them. This involves the community and voluntary organisations, service providers and the public. If you would like to be notified of events or simply keep update with one or more of the priority areas then register to become part of the Stakeholder Network and...18 September 201518 September 2016Current
Lower Orchard Street, Middle Orchard Street and Upper Orchard Street, area Stapleford – Propose Residents Parking Scheme TRO 5219 – Public AdvertThe proposals have been developed to remove all day parking and non-resident parking from William Street in Newark.18 August 201616 September 2016Current
Hucknall Town Centre Improvement Scheme - (Prohibition of Waiting, Parking Places and Residents Parking)(4172), Moving Restrictions (4173) and 20 MPH Speed Limit (4182) Traffic Regulation Order 2016 -To deliver the Hucknall Town Centre Improvement Scheme which will see the High Street pedestrianised between Baker Street and Watnall Road, a new road constructed between Station Road and Baker Street/Annesley Road, a number of junction upgrades and flood relief measures.19 August 201616 September 2016Current
The Nottinghamshire County Council (Tattershall Drive, Beeston) (Prohibition of Waiting and Residents’ Controlled Zone) Traffic Regulation Order 2016 (5221) – Public AdvertThe proposals have been developed to remove all day parking and non-resident parking from Tattershall Drive, Beeston18 August 201616 September 2016Current
Annesley Road, Hucknall – Outside Ambulance StationMake existing Keep Clear markings legally enforceable. To be in operation at all times.22 July 201619 August 2016Completed
Junction of Wighay Road and Knightsbridge Gardens, HucknallIntroduce double yellow lines (no waiting at any time) to the junction of Wighay Rd and Knightsbridge Gardens.22 July 201619 August 2016Completed
The Nottinghamshire County Council (B680 Wilford Road and Clifton Road, Ruddington)(Prohibition of Waiting) Traffic Regulation Order 2016 (8248) The proposals are designed to prevent parking in order to ensure safe operation of the new mini roundabout 22 July 201619 August 2016Completed
Hucknall Road, Annesley and NewsteadIntroduce a 40mph speed limit on Hucknall Road between Annesley Road (A611) and Newstead village.22 July 201619 August 2016Completed

Planning applications

View a list of planning applications for minerals and waste development which are open to the public for consultation.

Public notices

View a list of current public notices relating to schools.

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