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Consultation is important: as a council, we need to know that the decisions we make take into account the views of the people of Nottinghamshire. Involving the public in the work of local government has become an integral part of the policy-making process. It's not simply about more open-government, although that too is important, it's about making policies more effective by listening to and taking on-board the views of the public and interested groups.

Our consultations

Search for and view our forthcoming, current and completed consultations, with links to relevant information.

To view consultations which closed on or before 31 March 2012, view the consultation archive.

TitleOverview/aims/objectivesStart dateEnd dateStatus
Setting School Term Times and Holiday Patterns 2013/14 and beyondThe aim is to develop school term and holiday patterns which meet the needs of all learners in collaboration with key stakeholders. A project has been agreed under the leadership of the Education Improvement Service to consult on and evaluate the likely impact of changes to the school term time and holiday patterns with a view to recommending preferred options.23 January 201215 April 2012Completed
Joint Strategic Needs AssessmentTo assess the health and wellbeing needs of Nottinghamshire's population.14 March 201223 April 2012Completed
Waste Core Strategy - proposed submission documentStatutory period for public representations05 March 201230 April 2012Completed
Fronter (Virtual Learning Environment) for Adopters and Foster Carers TrialTo invite a small group of adopters, foster carers and staff to access the Virtual Learning Environment and then feedback on their views via the survey16 April 201204 May 2012Completed
Recovery of property administration costsTo consult on a proposal to introduce a charge to recover administrative costs in securing a legal charge on property.02 April 201204 May 2012Completed
Integrating Passenger Transport across Nottinghamshire : Phase 1The aim of this project is to examine the provision of passenger transport services across the area of Newark, Ollerton and Southwell. It is intended to involve local people in the process in order to ensure that local services meet identified local needs, within a revised (reduced) budget. As a result of this exercise, it is intended that the identified savings will be achieved in such a way that will ensure that local needs continue to be met, without compromising quality. A series of...02 April 201214 May 2012Completed
Young Peoples Homelessness Strategy and Commissioning ProposalsTo consult with service users, provider organisations, stakeholders and the public on the draft Young Peoples Homelessness Strategy and commissioning proposals.15 March 201224 May 2012Completed
Proposed delivery of Early Years Places at Brookside Primary School, East LeakeTo seek the views of the local community about whether there is support for the proposal. If, after the decision making process the proposal is subsequently approved, the school’s age range would change from 5-11 to 3-11. 16 April 201225 May 2012Completed
Adult Social Care Survey 2012National user experience survey run by the Department of Health.01 April 201231 May 2012Completed
Mobility ProjectTo gather intelligence about the sales of mobility aids to help direct our future work.30 April 201201 June 2012Completed

Planning applications

View a list of planning applications for minerals and waste development which are open to the public for consultation.

Public notices

View a list of current public notices relating to schools.

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