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Consultation is important: as a council, we need to know that the decisions we make take into account the views of the people of Nottinghamshire. Involving the public in the work of local government has become an integral part of the policy-making process. It's not simply about more open-government, although that too is important, it's about making policies more effective by listening to and taking on-board the views of the public and interested groups.

Our consultations

Search for and view our forthcoming, current and completed consultations, with links to relevant information.

To view consultations which closed on or before 31 March 2012, view the consultation archive.

TitleOverview/aims/objectivesStart dateEnd dateStatus
County Wide Bus Clearways – Main St Sutton Bonnington (RU0353) P.H.IB.91516.21To provide enforceable clearways at bus stop where parking issues have been identified22 September 201512 October 2015Current
County Wide Bus Clearways – Epperstone Road Lowdham (NS0295,NS0296) P.H.IB.91516.21 To provide enforceable clearways at bus stop where parking issues have been identified22 September 201515 October 2015Current
Review of Children’s Centres service delivery We are currently reviewing the location of, and the range of services, we provide from our children’s centres across Nottinghamshire. We are committed to retaining all our registered sites. We are consulting with families and service users to review where services are provided, which services families find most useful, how often they use the services, if families would like to access other services at the children’s centre, and asking for alternative locations that we could consider using in...21 September 201530 October 2015Current
Nottinghamshire County Council Health & Well Being Board – Stakeholder NetworkThe Stakeholder Network is an opportunity for wider partners to influence The Health and Wellbeing Board and its agenda. It meets regularly during the year to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to tell the Board what matters to them. This involves the community and voluntary organisations, service providers and the public. If you would like to be notified of events or simply keep update with one or more of the priority areas then register to become part of the Stakeholder Network and...18 September 201518 September 2016Current
S278 RWO PRCH215 A6191 Chesterfield Rd South MansfieldTo Provide enforceable clearways at bus stop where parking issues have been identified18 September 201512 October 2015Current
Crookdole Lane, Calverton – Installation of Zebra CrossingInstall Zebra Crossing on Crookdole Lane near to its junction with Collyer Road. Works include moving existing bus stop and installing a bus stop clearway.17 September 201512 October 2015Current
Proposed Prohibition of Waiting Sherwood Oaks Business Park Mansfield TRO 2187To prevent parking in the highway to improve vehicle movement/access within the Business Park16 September 201514 October 2015Current
Foster Carer Payments StructureWe are proposing to simplify the current foster carer payments structure and are asking foster carers and colleagues in Children’s Social care for their views.14 September 201516 October 2015Completed
Sexual health integrated service model "You said, We did" feedbackFindings from our initial stakeholder engagement indicated that we should prioritise: 1. An integrated sexual health service (providing both STI and contraceptive services in one place) 2. Health promotion (to promote sexual well-being). The Consultation provided an opportunity for the local authorities to share its proposed service model and to invite the public and other valued stakeholders to provide feedback on the model. Results from the Consultation were used to develop the...09 September 201509 October 2015Current
The Nottinghamshire County Council (Roads in the Lady Bay Area of West Bridgford)(20mph Speed Limit) Order 2015 (8239)– Initial ConsultationTo formalise the existing advisory 20 mph limits by introducing a TRO to make them mandatory.24 August 201525 September 2015Completed

Consultation guides

We have produced a series of guides to good consultation. They cover topics including planning consultations, designing questionnaires, and analysing the results.

Planning applications

View a list of planning applications for minerals and waste development which are open to the public for consultation.

Public notices

View a list of current public notices relating to schools.

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