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Events on or affecting public roads

Are you planning an event which may involve public roads or pavements?

If you are planning any kind of event which may have an affect on the public roads or pavements, we need to know about it.

Typical events may include:

Inform us about an event

To inform us about an event you are organising please complete this online form. We will then assess what actions, if any, need to be taken to ensure the event runs smoothly. Please inform us about the event as early as possible as we may be able to give you important information affecting the planning of your event.

The County Council has responsibility for most of the roads and pavements in Nottinghamshire and has a duty to manage their use. In order to do this we need to be aware of when and where events, which may have an impact on their use, are taking place.

There are also some types of events or activities which require our permission and there are some actions which we can take to help your event run smoothly.

There are hundreds of events in Nottinghamshire every year. There will also be road works, utility works and traffic diversions which will have an impact on traffic flow. If all of this activity is not co-ordinated it could cause traffic disruption or accidents or make access to the event difficult. If we know about your event we can ensure that works are scheduled appropriately.

It is illegal to obstruct a public road without approval, as is the placing of traffic signs or event signs whether on the road, pavement or verge. Where traffic restrictions are required as part of the event’s arrangements we will need to agree these details and make any necessary legal orders.

It is therefore important that appropriate arrangements are made to manage traffic, parking and the event itself and approval is obtained. Further guidance is available below.

Further information

Further information about planning an event and the effect this may have on public roads is provided in this document:
Your guide to traffic and parking management for events in Nottinghamshire [PDF 1.1MB]

Guidance for event organisers on transport and traffic management at events is provided in this document:
Guidance for event organisers [PDF 97KB]

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