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Statement of shared values

The partners have agreed the following set of shared values which all bodies will work towards achieving at local level.  These set of shared values will form the founding principles for joint working:

  • To acknowledge the diverse nature of local public transport and third sector transport networks across the region

  • To recognise and to respect the independence of third sector transport providers, understanding that they may have wider objectives than the delivery of transport services

  • To recognise and to respect the fact that each partner may face financial, organisational and political challenges that inhibit or influence their actions as part of this transport partnership

  • To develop and maintain effective communication, coordination and cooperation with other relevant organisations; sharing expertise and knowledge and working together to remove barriers and to maximise the effectiveness of community transport services in Nottinghamshire

  • To seek to improve transport integration where appropriate and with due consideration to the needs of passengers and of environmental factors

  • To capitalise on the new opportunities presented by the Local Transport Act 2008 by developing new initiatives

  • To be responsive to changing technologies and opportunities to enhance services to passengers through the development of new initiatives

  • Ensure that the relationship between the partners and the plan of action developed is consistent with the values and principles contained within the Nottinghamshire Compact

  • To work to ensure that transport services are adequately resourced

  • To ensure that passengers have an opportunity to be heard and, where appropriate, acted upon locally and at a county level

  • To work with genuine commitment in a positive and mutually supportive manner overcoming barriers to achieve clear, shared outcomes through enabling, building, age proofing, recognition and understanding, marketing, promotion and communication.

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